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Hallowell Warranty Information 

All Hallowell EMC products are under warranty to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one full year from invoice date of original purchase. 

This warranty does not cover our units damaged by abuse or where the unit is operated outside the normal operationg conditions. Defective parts will be repaired or replaced at our option when sent postage paid and insured to Hallowell EMC accompanied by a copy of the original invoice and or proof of registration.

Our Extended Warranty Program covers cleaning and calibration services for three years beyond the included one year 'free of defects' covereage.

Hallowell EMC shall not be responsible for any other incidental contingent or conesquential charges or damages.

All conditions of this warranty become null and void should the VOID seals (located on rear and bottom plates) be broken.

For more information please read our Warranty Letter.

New Device Extended Warranty - 3 year extended warranty for a new product. FAQ

In-Service Device Existing Warranty - Protect an existing product you own with a 3-year extended unit warranty. FAQ

Product Registration - Validate the products warranty by registering online. 

Please note that the standard Hallowell EMC Extended Warranty does not apply to the Tafonius product line.



 Tafonius and Tafonius Junior Warranty Options

Manufacturers' Warranty

Hallowell EMC warrants Tafonius and Tafonius Junior to be in good working order and fit for the purpose intended for a period of one year from the date of delivery.   Annual Service and Extended Warranty options are as follows: 

Annual Service Option: $1,500 

The annual service fee will cover an on-site visit for a strip-down, tolerance checks, adjustments, re-assembly and a full system test.  Any worn/broken/missing parts will be replaced and charged at a discount rate of 20%. (e.g. split hoses, damaged sampling/pressure lines/seals and gaskets, rolling diaphragms, etc.)

1-year Extended Warranty Option: $2,200

The Extended Warranty  will cover the cost of the annual service as described above with a 20% discount for parts requiring replacement except as indicated in "Manufacturers' Warranty" and extends the manufacturer's warranty for a further year.  

For full details, terms and conditions, please refer to the Tafonius and Tafonius Junior Service Options, Agreements and Warranties.         

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