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Anesthesia Workstation Related Parts

240A3267 - Anesthesia Workstation 100ml Attachment


Comes standard with the 000A2770 Anesthesia WorkStation.

Allows for a maximum tidal volume (TV) of 100ml, for patients up to 15 pounds. Please use this part number if ordering a replacement cylinder.

000A3393 - Anesthesia Workstation 200ml Attachment


Doubles the maximum tidal volume (TV) deliverable from your Anesthesia WorkStation. Patients upwards of 30 pounds can now be anesthetized and/or ventilated with the Hallowell EMC Anesthesia WorkStation.

This option has made the AWS the anesthesia machine/ventilator of choice with Ophthalmologists and Criticalists operating on small dogs and cats because it is small, compact, precise, and easy to use.

220B0126B - Anesthesia Workstation Absorber Body Assembly


Holds 300cc of carbon dioxide absorbent material.

The AWS is unique because, when attached to the machine, this Absorber Body Assembly is heated, effectively helping to cut down on hypothermia problems in small animals.

000A2777 - Anesthesia Workstation Accessory Kit


1. (2) 152A1264 for Vaporizer Connecting Tubes

2. (2) 200A2692 AWS Valve Disk

3. (1) 210A2845 5/32" Hex Key

4. (2) 210A2846 Cotton Swab

5. (1) 152A1261 ETTA, 2.5mm x15mm Low Dead Space with Port

6. (2) 152A1265 ET Tube Adapter, 8.5 mm x 15 mm

7. (2) 201A3364 AWS Breathing System Tube, Clear, 10 mm x 24"

8. (1) 220A3264B AWS Wye

Anesthesia Workstation Breathing System Circuit


Each comes with one 2.5 x 15mm low dead space with port ETTA, two 8.5 x 15mm ETTAs, an acrylic AWS wye, and two pieces of tubing.

000A3400 - AWS Breathing System Circuit 18" (457 mm)

000A3401 - AWS Breathing System Circuit 24" (609 mm)

000A3402 - AWS Breathing System Circuit 30" (762 mm)

000A3403 - AWS Breathing System Circuit 48" (1220 mm)

000A3404 - Vaporizer/Connector Tube Kit, AWS



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