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Background and History

Hallowell EMC was incorporated in 1988 after the dissolution of Rusz Instruments following the transfer of technology involving the AV500 ventilator to Bear Medical of Riverside California.  A simplified version of the AV500 with an extended operating range for veterinary use was partially complete at the time.  At Hallowell EMC this project was finished and marketing began with the Model 200 Veterinary Anesthesia Ventilator.

Shortly  thereafter in 1990 the Model 200 was repackaged with the addition of airway pressure alarms as the current Model 2000.   It remained unchanged for 12 years and was used as a workhorse by many long before any competing veterinary specific anesthesia ventilators were introduced to the market.  Customer requests for a finer volume control were answered when the Model 2002 was brought to market in 2002.

Our Anesthesia WorkStation (AWS) was introduced in 1997 for animals ranging in size from 150gm to 6-7 kg and the MicroVent 1 featuring high frequency oscillatory ventilation (HFOV) and IPPV for mice, rats and small avian patients joined the product line in 2004. 

Tafonius, inarguably the world's most advanced large animal anesthesia machine with integrated monitoring and ventilator systems, was introduced early in 2008 after 4-5 years of collaborative development with Vetronic Services LTD of the UK.

Most recently Tafonius Junior was introduced in 2010.  Junior is available in two versions with and without a circle system.


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