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Part Description: 000A6175 Zoo Option Package (Junior)


Tafonius Junior Accessory Kit for ease of use in the field. 

Adds lifting arms, which can also be used to mount mayo trays (included).


The Zoo Package is available for both versions of Tafonius Junior, the ventilator only (sans gas) and the version with gas.  It enables staff to move the machine over rough terrain, around the facility and into night houses.  Normally the four handles are in the collapsed position as is the front right handle (colored red) in the sketch.  To move the machine the handles are latched in the upright position. 

The handles can remain latched and mayo trays (two included, see picture above) fitted on them one in front, one in the rear.  This in conjunction with the IV pole option provides a clean work space and place to hang fluids.




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