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Part Description: 200A4439A - Coupling for 2" Breathing System Tubing




These Stainless Steel couplings can be used to extend the length of any standard 2" breathing tube for such situations as when doing an MRI.  The tubes can be placed through a wave guide as seen below or if the anesthesia machine is located within the magnet room the extended tubes can simply run across the floor.

One of the features of Tafonius is that it delivers each breath with compliance compensation so having extra long tubes is no problem at all.  The animal always receives the set TV regardless of the size of the breathing system  Before each case Tafonius measures the compliance of the breathing system currently attached.  Based on this information it delivers the set TV plus the volume that will be lost to the compliance or compression volume of the breathing system.


Examples of a Wave Guide


WaveGuide.jpg IMG_0476.jpg




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