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Instruction Sheet for the AWS 200 ml Attachment
HEMC PN 000A3393


Warning: This attachment is made of GLASS. It is fragile. Breakage is NOT covered under our warranty.

This attachment will allow you to double the maximum tidal volume (TV) deliverable from your Anesthesia WorkStation.

Removal of the currently installed ventilator tube assembly:

Carefully remove the 100 ml ventilator tube assembly by loosening the two thumbscrews that hold the tube cap to the upper manifold.  When the cap is loose, GENTLY lift the vent tube off the mounting nipple on the main manifold at the bottom.  Take care NOT to tilt the glass tube too far before it is clear of the nipple.  This may result in tube breakage.

As you slide the vent tube off the nipple, keep the piston within the tube.  Avoid touching the sides of the piston or the inside of the glass tube or wear surgical gloves to prevent finger oils from getting on these surfaces.

When the assembly is free, remove one of the pieces of foam from within the 200 ml Attachment and insert it into the open end of the cylinder being removed such that the piston will not slide out. 

Gently remove the tube cap from the other end of the vent tube and place the other piece of foam from within the cylinder being installed into this top end of the vent tube being replaced.  Now the 100ml cylinder being replaced with its captivated piston can be wrapped in the 8x20" piece of packing material and secured with the rubber band, both of which are protecting the new attachment.

Installation of the new 200 ml attachment:

Remove Bushings from bag. Place one bushing onto the ventilator tube cap, and the other onto the main manifold mounting nipple.

Without allowing the piston to slide out, place the new attachment onto the mounting nipple bushing of the main manifold.  Again use a twisting motion and be sure the bushing in the end of the tube remains flush with the bottom of the tube and that it does not ride up into the tube.

Rotate the tube to orient it such that the scale is facing forward.

Place the ventilator tube cap (with the captivated thumbscrews) onto the top of the 200 ml ventilator tube.  Be careful that the bushing located in the top of the tube remains flush with the top of the tube.  Use a twisting motion as you push it on.

Secure the ventilator tube cap to the top manifold with the thumbscrews.

Verify that the piston moves freely up and down the length of the tube by filling it with gas then letting it out and allowing the piston to drift down to the bottom.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Refer to the Cleaning and Maintenance section of the AWS Operation Manual.

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