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Mounting Options and Stands for

Models 2000/2002/2002PRO

000A1868 - Mounting Plate


000A0899 - Mounting Plate Assembly with Arm, VMC/VMS


Includes: Mounting Plate (000A1868) and Mounting Arm (220A0083). Permits attachment of the ventilator directly to the Matrx VMC. Mounting Arm Extension (220A0897) is also required for use with a VMS. 

220A0083 - Mounting Arm


000A3397 - Mounting Kit for VMS Plus


220A0897 - Mounting Arm Extension VMS


Additional Options and Accessories


000A0076 - Stand, 5-leg, 40" (1016mm) with Casters for Permanent Mounting


  This stand has a plate welded to the top of the column. To mount the ventilator onto the plate remove the 4 ventilator feet, place the ventilator on the plate and screw the feet back on capturing the plate. Should you decide later you would rather place the ventilator elsewhere, you will still have the 4 rubber feet. 

000A2610 - Stand, 5-leg, 40 inches (1016mm) with Casters and Bushing Mount 


This stand has a bushing at the top of the column with a locking hand screw. The bushing has a 5/8" hole in it to accept our mounting arm (PN 220A0083) and mounting plate (PN 000A1868). This stand is useful if you have an anesthesia machine on which the ventilator is normally mounted with the mounting arm and/or plate, but on occasion you would like to place it on a stand.


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