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Hallowell, EMC's New Unit Three Year Extended Warranty Plan

Hallowell, EMC is now offering a three year extended warranty for your Ventilator machines and Anesthesia Workstations in addition to the one year warranty that comes with each unit. By opting to have this extended warranty, at the time you purchase your new unit, you will save 10% off the service's list price of $600. Costing you a one time, up-front, payment of $540.

What am I getting for my $540?

Along with our posted warranty at www.hallowell.com, you can once annually, for three years after the first included year, send your ventilator to our technicians for a Cleaning & Calibration Service. This service, if paid for annually for three years, is an $870 value in itself. Our extended warranty plan grants you a savings of $330 in maintenance costs on one of the most vital pieces of equipment in your operating theater. Keeping your ventilator in good health will save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

Sounds great! What's my next step?

When placing an order for a new Ventilator or Anesthesia Workstation, mention that you're interested in our Extended Warranty Program.

How do I send my machine in for a yearly Cleaning & Calibration Service?

Simple. First, we ask you contact us by phone at (413)445-4263 or e-mail info@hallowell.com. We will issue you a Return Authorization number after asking you a few questions. If you are considering this service, please have the following information available:

  • Serial number of the item
  • A name, phone number, and extension of the party to contact, should we have further questions
  • A billing name, address, phone number, and PO number of the responsible party
  • The name of the party to whom we should ship the item, their e-mail address, the shipping address, and the receiver's PO number if needed

We ask that you ship your item to the following address in this format:

Hallowell EMC
ATTN: R.A.#        
239 West ST
Pittsfield, MA 01201

How do I package and ship my machine?

When shipping your unit to us, the entire unit should be placed and sealed in a plastic bag. Then bubble wrapped and double boxed to prevent damage. We will not need any power cords, hoses, adapters, bellows, housings, etc. (Unless you believe they are suspect).

If you are shipping to us your Anesthesia Workstation, the absorber must be emptied. Small bubble wrap type packing material should be placed within the confines of the clear acrylic cover, to prevent the cracking of an expensive item. The entire unit should be sealed in a plastic bag, bubble wrapped, and double boxed, as mentioned above for the ventilator.

Contact us today! We are anxious to help relieve some of your business worries. Thank you for your time and interest in our program.

Hallowell EMC
239 West Street
Pittsfield, MA 01201
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