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Part Description: 000A0487A - Bellows 0-300ml
Part Description: 000A0488A - Bellows, 300-1600 ml
Part Description: 000A1866 - Bellows,1600-3000 ml

000A0487A 000A0488A 000A1866 Bellows

000A0487A Bellows for patients up to 13.5 kg./30 lbs.

000A0488A Bellows for patients from 11.5 kg./25 lbs. to 100 kg./220 lbs.

000A1866 Bellows for patients from 90 kg./200 lbs. to 200 kg./440 lbs.

In addition to use on all Hallowell Model 2000/2002/2002 PRO ventilators, bellows can also be used as replacements for those on the Fraser-Harlake 701, Penlon AV500 and 600, and the Ohmeda 7000.  Made of non-latex material. 


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