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Mounting Arm Extension VMS**


The mounting arm extension is designed to facilitate mounting our ventilator on the Matrx VMS anesthesia machine. It has two holes, one on each end that are 5/8". The holes are 7 inches apart. The material is anodized aluminum.

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Typical usage:

Holding the head of the VMS loosen the tee handle clamp and lift the head of the anesthesia machine up until the 5/8" rod comes completely out of the stand. Slip the Mounting Arm Extension over the rod and replace it in the stand, tightening the tee handle after adjusting the height as desired. You should be left with your anesthesia machine assembled as before except with the Mounting Arm Extension sticking out to the side. The ventilator, on the mounting plate, PN 000A1868, can be placed in position on the anesthesia machine by first inserting the Mounting Arm, HEMC PN 220A0083, in the Mounting arm extension, then placing the ventilator on the Mounting Plate into The Mounting Arm.

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