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Part Description: 000A5242A - Tafonius Junior 

Part Description: 000A5241 - Tafonius Junior sans gas (ventilator only)

  Tafonius junior

I000A5242.jpg I000A5241.jpg

Tafonius Junior has grown out of the demand for a large animal ventilator with the versatility of Tafonius, but without the inherent cost of the integrated monitoring.

Junior fulfills that role by using the same controlling technology for the piston control and the same mechanics for piston, valve assembly and soda-lime canister. The footprint of Junior is kept small, and the height is reduced compared to Tafonius. Junior still has full battery back-up and only requires oxygen for patient delivery, not as a driving gas. Junior also uses the same auxiliary back-up controller found on Tafonius as its primary controller.

We have added the following features to Junior that were not originally on the auxiliary control built into Tafonius (These features are now standard on all Junior machines): 

  • CPAP or PEEP facility
  • A flow-triggered inspiratory assist mode
  • Manual exhaust valve control


  • One variant has no anesthetic circuit included and hence no valves or patient tubes. It is “without gas,” and a ventilator only. There is a single tube leading from the piston to your existing large animal anesthetic circuit. In this format, Junior will immediately integrate with your own anesthetic circuit, if you do not already have a ventilator.
  • The second variant of Junior is a machine with in-built anesthetic circuit, “with gas”.

 Options available for Junior include:

·         A second gas

·         An E-cylinder mount and regulator – P/N 000A5266A for CGA or 000A5268 for ISO color code

·         An IV pole – P/N 000A5246

·         VML mounting post – P/N 000A5247

·         Zoo package for ease of use in the field P/N 000A6175



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