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  • 000A5643
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  • 000A3467

Rodent Workstand/Heated Hard Pad Combo (PN 000A3467 & PN 000A5643)


The Rodent WorkStand is designed to support rats, mice and similar small rodents in a stable and comfortable position for the technician during endotracheal intubation and intratracheal dose instillation and other similar procedures.  12" wide x 14" deep x 5 3/8" high when flat, tilted it is 9 1/2" high. (Flat-30.48cm x 35.56cm x 13.65cm, Tilted- 24.13 cm high).

Our 9" x 12" Heated Hard Pad has been altered to be used in conjunction with the Rodent WorkStand. The items may be used together, or the Heated Hard Pad may be easily removed and both items can be used on their own!


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