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  • 000A6544

O2, DISS Inline Pressure Gauge Assy.


Take the guesswork out of knowing what your O2 pressure is with this new O2, DISS Inline Pressure Gauge.

Simply disconnect the existing oxygen line from the back of the ventilator. Attach the handtight connection of the O2, DISS Inline Pressure Gauge Assembly to the input gas supply of the ventilator and reconnect the main gas supply to the other end of the assembly.

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Custom assemblies can be made upon request.


No Oxygen - When a unit is put into service there are sometimes no verification of any oxygen pressure. This gauge would assure that 50PSI of pressure is present before putting the unit into service.

Low Gas Alarm - When the input pressure drops below 35PSI the low gas alarm will sound. This gauge will present the pressure reading and confirm there is a lack of oxygen feeding the unit.

Unit Failure - If the gauge reads 50PSI of pressure and the low gas alarm is sounding. This is a clear indication there is a mechanical failure in the unit. Call for technical help.

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