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Rat Intubation Pack


These items are for use in conjunction with the Rodent WorkStand.

Each pack is designed to hold all the tools and supplies needed to perform quick, efficient and minimally traumatic orotracheal intubation of small rodents.

Otoscope not included.

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The Rat Intubation Packs come with a specially designed and molded, autoclavable intubation specula, umbilical tape, scissors, a Lidocaine applicator, an endotracheal tube guide wire, an incisor loop, a sleeve of cotton swabs, a mirror, five 14g catheters, and our USB Manual which contains videos, stills, and tutorials of how to perform the intubations. All of these items are packaged neatly and conveniently in a 13" x 8" x 2" polypropylene organizer box with each compartment labeled for contents, reordering information and what the part is used for it can be stored most anywhere and always be ready for use.

(Mouse or Rat Intubation Packs do not include the otoscope as there are three approved models to choose from. Lidocaine HCL Jelly is not included as Hallowell EMC does not have a pharmacy license. Ordering instructions are included.)

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