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Adjustable Peep Valve with Exhaust Port, Range 5-20cm, Disposable


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This disposable PEEP is for single patient use and is intended for the expiratory side of the patient circuit. MRI compatible.

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  • To adjust PEEP (Positive End Expiratory Pressure), first remove twist-off housing from Peep Valve.
  • Twist the red screw cap to desired PEEP setting.
  • Replace the twist-off housing back onto the Peep-Valve.
  • Attach the 22mm female connector to the “Output” end of the unit.
  • See picture on left for positioning. Attach in- line between the Flow-In from the Breathing Circuit and the Exhalation Valve.
  • Check to make sure gas flow follows arrows.


This Disposable PEEP is for Single Patient Use and is intended for the Expiratory Side of the Patient Circuit.

  • Easy to adjust PEEP: 5 - 20 cm/H2O
  • Design comes with a screw on chamber for the capability of exhaust (22mm connection)
  • Designed to provide unique resistance characteristics when used with manual resuscitators, ventilators, anesthesia machines (where specified by the manufacturer) and CPAP systems
  • Can be fitted directly to the patient valve of any original Ambu resuscitator without additional connectors
  • MR conditional up to 3 Tesla
  • Peep Valve has 30mm connection (22mm adapter supplied)


WARNING: This product must only be used on the expiratory side of the patient circuit when used in anesthesia or respiratory applications. This product should only be used by persons who are properly trained in CPR. Possible side effects of PEEP may include: fluid retention, pneumothorax, gastric distention, and a decreased cardiac output in patients who are hypovolemic. At all times, the risk/benefits ration must be considered before using PEEP therapy on any patient. Discontinue use of PEEP if any complications occur during administration. Always monitor pressures during administration of PEEP.


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