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Heated Hard Pad with 5 Yr. Warranty


Connects to Adroit, Gaymar, Hamilton, or any other pump you already own.

Durable polycarbonate construction. Claw, bite, scalpel, needle, and towel clamp proof.

Smooth Surfaces are easy to clean helping to prevent nosocomial infection.

Product Description

Additional Information

Soft pad connected to HTP-1500 using adapters supplied with pump.

Two Hallowell Heated Hard Pads connected in series

Two Hallowell Heated Hard Pads connected in series

Heat Therapy Hard Pad Connections

Each size of the HALLOWELL Heat Therapy Hard Pads (HHP) come equipped with COLDER type connectors, the hard pads self seal upon disconnection, the work stand is allowed to drain for storage.The Heat Therapy Pump provided by HALLOWELL:

The ADROIT Model HTP-1500

When any of the Heated Hard Pads are purchased with the pump listed above, the pump connectors are modified to COLDER Connectors prior to shipment.

In specific cases where HHP’s are ordered to be utilized with an existing pump,  or the pump will be purchased separately, adapter kits are available:

1. HEMC P/N 000A4629 for the ADROIT HP-1500, and
2. HEMC P/N 000A4637 for the GAYMAR Series 600

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