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DISS O2 Demand Wye (Green or White)


Both have one DISS female hand-tight nut and two DISS male demand valves. The demand valves remain closed until a mating fitting is attached. When the mating fitting is connected the valve opens permitting bidirectional flow.

Product Description

Additional Information

Typical usage:

This part maybe needed to provide a 50psi oxygen source for the ventilator if your anesthesia machine does not have a power-take-off, a 50psi oxygen outlet. To install the Demand Wye:

  1. Turn off the oxygen supply to the anesthesia machine.
  2. Remove the oxygen supply hose at the back of the anesthesia machine.
  3. Check to see that the connection on the back of the anesthesia machine is a DISS O2 male connection.
  4. Connect the hand tight fitting of the Demand Wye to the anesthesia machine.
  5. Reconnect the oxygen supply hose.

The system is now resorted to it's original integrity with the addition of an available source of oxygen for the ventilator. The next step would be to connect an oxygen hose between the remaining male connection on the wye and the ventilator. Hallowell EMC provides PNs 000A0489 and 000A0490 for this purpose, custom hose assemblies are also available.

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