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Hallowell EMC Heated Hard Pad Instruction Sheet

HEMC Part: 000A2788B (15” x 24”)

HEMC Part: 000A2787B (21” x 24”)

HEMC Part: 000A2789B (9” x 12”)

HEMC Part: 000A4076A (6” x 8”)

Thank you for purchasing the Hallowell EMC Hard Pad. They come equipped with Auto-Shutoff Quick Connect fittings.  We think you will find these very convenient, as when they are disconnected they close. No water will leak out making it unnecessary to use or forget to use the pinch clips.

If you have purchased the Hallowell EMC Hard Pad and find your pump is not equipped to adapt there are solutions. One of which is to obtain the appropriate adaptor kit from HEMC. Part #000A4637 for Gaymar T/Pump and Hamilton Pump. Part #000A4629 for Adroit HTP-1500 Pump. All adaptor kits come with installation instructions. The second solution would be to upgrade to 000A4084 – Adroit HTP-1500 Pump

000A4084.jpg HHP.jpg

Simply adapt quick connect fittings on hard pad into opposite gender on pump.

The Hallowell EMC Hard Pad has been designed to be used with existing heat therapy systems such as the Adroit HTP-1500 pump, Gaymar T/Pumpâand Hamilton Pump.  Follow the instructions in your specific operator’s manual in regards to startup, shutdown, storage, draining and cleaning instructions.

In addition to the Startup Instructions in the Operator’s Manual (refer to instructions in your specific operator’s manual) it is necessary to ensure that there are no air bubbles left in the Hard Pad.  The presence of air bubble will block the flow of heated water to that area downstream of the bubbles. 

When filling the system with the table connected, it is most convenient to prop the table up on its edge so that the water flows in the bottom up and out the top.  Add room temperature distilled water to the pump as the level in the sight window of the pump drops and the table fills.  When the table appears full, tilt it a bit first toward one end then toward the other end. In each position tap the table gently to allow any remaining air bubbles to flow up and be drawn out the top hose and back to the pump.

In general, an eye should be kept on the system to ensure that no bubbles have developed and are inhibiting the even flow of water throughout the entire surface of the Hard Pad.  Should such bubbles develop simply tilt and tap the table as described above.

Plan ahead, you must allow 20 to 30 minutes for the larger size and 10 minutes for the small pad to come up to temperature.  Covering the Hard Pad will help reduce the warm up time.  Animals may be placed directly on the table for maximum heat transfer then wrapped and covered with blankets or drapes as required.

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